In September 2015, Uber brought hundreds of employees to Las Vegas for a international all-fingers retreat that had all of the hallmarks of its notorious tough-charging way of life: drug-fueled parties, a non-public overall performance from Beyoncé, and speeches from CEO Travis Kalanick and other executives.

One nighttime for the duration of a group trip to a nightclub attended by using a handful of personnel from Uber’s Los Angeles office, the organisation’s LA widespread supervisor, Eyal Gutentag, allegedly assaulted a lady subordinate. According to three folks that noticed the incident, a visibly intoxicated Gutentag approached the girl from behind, pulled her hair, and groped certainly one of her breasts and buttocks. She screamed and quick separated herself, leading more than one employees to document the incident to Uber’s human assets department. The agency put Gutentag on leave and terminated him within a week.

Four months later he had a new task.

In January 2016, HopSkipDrive, a journey-hailing service for children, hired Gutentag as its leader operations officer, touting his “widespread operational expertise” and cultural healthy. Later that yr, according to his LinkedIn, Gutentag left to sign up for ZipRecruiter, a burgeoning employment task website online that’s worth more than 1000000000 dollars, in which he is now chief advertising officer.


That Gutentag was capable of degree up throughout a couple of organizations within the aftermath of sexual misconduct allegations for which he become terminated astounded as a minimum one former Uber coworker. That man or woman, who witnessed the incident and spoke to BuzzFeed News at the circumstance of anonymity, said it become “disheartening” that the alleged sexual battery, which changed into reported inside the New York Times in February 2017 without Gutentag’s name, became fast forgotten and had reputedly few effects.

“It’s appalling that’s now not sufficient to end his career as a frontrunner,” the man or woman said. Gutentag and Uber declined to comment for this tale. HopSkipDrive and ZipRecruiter both declined to comment on a man or woman employee’s historical past.

By exposing men accused of sexual misconduct, the #MeToo motion has derailed careers in entertainment, better schooling, and politics, however, its effect in the era enterprise has been much less reported. A number of fellows who have been accused of and admitted to sexual misconduct have reemerged at the scene — every now and then inside months of allegations surfacing within the public. Many have lower back with new startups or undertaking budget sponsored by investors properly-aware of their beyond conduct.

In tech, the reentry of alleged perpetrators of sexual misconduct increases questions about the actual consequences of horrific behavior and a lifestyle inclined to look the other manner when there is money to be made on an established winner. These comebacks additionally shed mild at the practices inside the highly competitive tech industry — from using nondisparagement agreements to the repeated backing of so-called fallacious geniuses — that guard those accused of past sexual misconduct.

“I do not think any people have completed the work to welcome accused harassers returned into our network,” said Ellen Pao, who lost a high-profile gender discrimination case towards mission firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 2015 and has when you consider that come to be a recommend for diversity in tech. “We have not repaired the damage, a lot of them have no longer recounted the harm that they have got achieved, and simply as importantly, we have not discovered a way to save you it from occurring again.”

Though some men which include Binary Capital’s Justin Caldbeck, whose alleged harassment of women marketers kicked off a wave of reporting on sexual misconduct in tech in 2017, continue to reduce off from the enterprise, there had been more than one comebacks of high-profile tech executives this year. Mike Cagney, the former CEO of Social Finance (SoFi) who left in September 2017 after undertaking a couple of beside the point relationships with employees and allegedly overseeing a company culture of rampant sexual misconduct, introduced in February that his new domestic equity startup has secured a complete of $120 million in investment. One former Google govt, whose advances on a process candidate at Burning Man had been suggested past due ultimate yr, is now the chief technology officer at a startup much less than 4 months after leaving the search and marketing large.

While stressful for some within the enterprise, these comebacks are rarely surprising, said Brittany Laughlin, an associate at Lattice Ventures who’s written approximately enhancing girls’ illustration in tech. The movement to reveal predatory conduct became by no means focused on punishment, she added, and you may’t prevent someone from operating again. For all of the communicate of tech being a meritocracy, Silicon Valley has a long and storied history of defensive its own, bad conduct be damned.

“Bad actors who’ve had fulfillment inside the beyond, even at the expense of breaking the rules, might better in shape the tech [way of] wondering than someone who is never built a corporation earlier than or run a fund,” stated Laughlin.

Six ladies leaders in the tech industry who spoke to BuzzFeed News recounted that perpetrators of sexual misconduct have to accept a risk to rebuild their careers after they’ve confronted the results and made amends. Defining those outcomes, but, is hard, they said, specifically whilst transgressions can range so extensively.

“There are echoes on the criminal justice aspect that people are higher than the worst issue they’ve ever executed,” stated Tracy Chou, the CEO of Block Party, a company looking to solve abuse and harassment online. “But what’s irritating is that I don’t think those men have repented or made any amends.”

That frustration turned into shared by using among the women, who felt that some of the tech leaders now making comebacks don’t seem truly repentant and absence self-recognition for what they’ve achieved or who they’ve hurt. Chou counseled some of the accused men making comebacks are paying lip carrier to range and inclusion due to the optics and to “brandwash” their names. In one example, a man with public allegations of sexual misconduct supplied to donate $five million to a nonprofit centered on improving range that one of the girls was advising, however handiest at the condition that his gift be made public.

“It’s tricky there, because I don’t recognise what the proper check would be,” Chou stated.

Jess Ladd, the CEO of Callisto, a nonprofit growing technology to stumble on repeat perpetrators of professional sexual coercion and sexual assault, stated duty need to don’t forget three issues: how long it took for a wronged birthday celebration to feel a experience of decision, whether there has been good enough punishment for an wrongdoer to affect a exchange in their conduct, and if a punishment indicators a deterrent to different could-be offenders.

“Does a comeback after years or less after a public time out seem like an effective deterrent to prevent other humans in the community from conducting this behavior?” she stated. “Absolutely no longer.”

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