What the Mueller record tells us approximately Russian influence operations

The redacted Special Counsel file launched this morning confirms that the Russian authorities, thru diverse proxies, carried out a multi-pronged marketing campaign towards the US before, during, and after the 2016 election. That campaign involved 3 wonderful elements: A social media influence and infiltration operation led through the Internet Research Agency (IRA); A cyber hacking […]

The Global Economy: A Delicate Moment

A yr in the past, economic interest become accelerating in almost all areas of the world. One yr later, tons has modified. The escalation of US–China alternate tensions, wished credit tightening in China, macroeconomic pressure in Argentina and Turkey, disruptions to the car quarter in Germany, and economic tightening along the normalization of financial policy […]

Publisher fined $29,000 for weblog pronouncing Beijing office complicated had terrible feng shui

A blog operator must pay $29,000 to a real estate developer for “defamation”, a Chinese courtroom has dominated after alleging a building complicated had horrific strength. Published on the WeChat social network in November, the textual content stated an office complex in Beijing introduced awful luck to its commercial enterprise tenants as it does now […]


A Chinese court has simply imposed a $30,000 quality on an unbiased media agency, Zhuhai Sheng, that printed a feng shui expert’s critique of three strangely fashioned buildings in Beijing designed by using renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the New York Times reports (paywall). The blogger referred to as the homes’ energy “noxious” and “heart-piercing” and […]

We’re growing our carbon rate as we double down on sustainability

Since 2009, Microsoft has made and met a sequence of commitments to reduce the enterprise’s carbon footprint. While we’ve made progress towards our aim of cutting our operational carbon emissions via 75 percent by way of 2030, the value and pace of the world’s environmental changes have made it increasingly clear that we need to […]

The coronary heart and technological know-how of kindness

Ombudspeople like myself have a completely unique view of the institutions they serve. Some people fondly talk to it because the “view from the underbelly” of our agencies. The urgent calls we get aren’t to share a latest act of kindness. Visitors who arrive at our offices regularly do so feeling beneath siege from much […]

Solar Energy Isn’t Just for Electricity

The business processes that underpin our global economy—manufacturing, gas and chemical production, mining—are noticeably complex and diverse. But they proportion one key enter: they, as well as many others, require heat, and plenty of it, which takes surprising amounts of gasoline to produce. Heat and steam generation is critical to the global economic system, however […]