Urgent warning over ‘severe’ Windows 7 computer virus

Windows 7 customers are at hazard from a “serious” worm that would allow malicious hackers to take over their pc, Google has warned.

Cyber-thieves are “actively exploiting” the vulnerability through combining it with a separate flaw discovered within the Chrome browser.

Google has issued an update for its Chrome web browser to shut the loophole.

Microsoft has stated it is also working on a restore for the trouble in Windows 7.

Squashing bugs
The Windows flaw exists in center elements of the working machine which are purported to forestall facts in a single software interacting with something outdoor that utility.

Google stated it had seen evidence that criminal hackers had observed a way to make assault code soar from Chrome into different packages to help them compromise a device.

A patch has been produced for Chrome and users must make sure that they have updated their browser to close the loophole, stated Google engineer Justin Schuh.

“Seriously, replace your Chrome installs… Like right this minute,” he tweeted.

The critical nature of the flaw in Chrome intended the software had to be close down and re-commenced for the patch to take effect, he added.

“To date, we have handiest discovered energetic exploitation against Windows 7 32-bit systems,” wrote Clement Lecigne from Google’s hazard analysis organization in a weblog exploring the flaw.

One manner to keep away from falling victim became to upgrade to Windows 10, said Mr. Lecigne.

Microsoft has not given a date for when its patch for Windows 7 may be released, but said it would be “as quickly as feasible”. Millions of machines still run Windows 7 despite it being almost 10 years antique.

Writing at the Sophos safety weblog, Paul Ducklin stated: “There would not appear to be a workaround, however, if you make sure you’re updated, you don’t need one due to the fact the computer virus might be squashed.”

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