In the mild of the sexual harassment allegations against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi by means of an ex-worker of his workplace, the Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley has written a weblog wherein he has voiced out his religion inside the Indian Judicial gadget and specially the “head of the judicial group’.

Arun Jaitley has rubbished the allegations pointing out that the Chief Justice Gogoi is thought for his sturdy values and ethics. These unverified allegations are are not simply made with the aid of a desgrunted person however are forwarded with the aid of ‘institutional destabilizer’ who need to grab the faith in judiciary from the residents of the country.

“The Chief Justice of India is the primary among the equals within the Supreme Court. He is the top of the judicial establishments. He is both the ‘Master of the Roster’ and the ‘Head of the Collegium’ which makes binding recommendations for the appointment of judges. His integrity, ethics,


scholarship and fairness reflect the photo of India’s judiciary. He lives via example. For each the Chief Justice and the judicial establishments, credibility and recognize are essential. Once the ‘Iqbal’ of judiciary is destroyed, the group itself will collapse,” Arun Jaitley wrote in his weblog.

In the light of the MeToo movement this weblog supporting the Chief Justice is a step backwards for ladies popping out in open to relate their work-vicinity harassment complaints. The lady who had filed the grievance was terminated arbitrarily after she did no longer accede to the sexual advances of the Chief Justice. She has said in her complaint that even her own family participants were stressed in lieu of the complete incident.

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