Stellar Data Recovery is the sector’s one in all the largest data recovery industry in India and had proved a wide range of facts restoration services to diverse customers across the globe. Stellar has been expert in all kind of Data recoveries which might also unintentional deletion, Virus Attack, RAID failure or any system crash. They had been the pleasant statistics healing carrier company for each B2C and B2B purchasers across the Globe.

The offerings supplied with the aid of Steller are classified into classes i.E. Consumer And Business. The Consumer Services include the Device Recovery(Laptop, Desktop, Pendrive, SSD Data Recovery), File Recovery(Photo, Email, Database, Video Recovery), Mobile Recovery( Mobile Data, Android/iOS device Data), Data Erasure(BitRaser, Betrayer for File).

The Services furnished for Business Include Device Recovery(Hard Data, Flash Data, CCTV/DVR Data, Tally Data, Encrypted Data), Server Recovery(RAID Data, NAS Data, Server Data, SAN Data), File Recovery(Ransomware, Photo, Email, Database, Video), Data Erasure(BitRaser for Mobile, Enterprise & File).


Stellar has carried out a Bloggers meet in Delhi and our group was part of the meet. We had a whole manufacturing facility visit of the corporation and that they have guided us with the modes of the records restoration. The event changed into performed in one of this way wherein we had a complete evaluation of the product within the presentation addressed through the speakers.

Stellar Bloggers Meet turned into one of the exciting generation events for Indian bloggers to experience the sector’s excellent Data Care Solutions through live demo zones and get a sneak peek into ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room lab.

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