(TNS) – It’s twister season in Oklahoma; that point every year whilst my neighbor shuffles the loved infant snapshots of her youngsters from the mantle to the hurricane shelter.

For groups, the seasonal fear, of the route, is that they’ll lose their maximum precious asset: data.

Oklahoma City-based Midcon Recovery Solutions has a precaution for that: unmarked, double metallic-strengthened, windowless concrete homes in Oklahoma City and one in Broken Arrow wherein the employer hosts the information of masses of groups — from strength and telecommunications groups to coverage groups and banks. For $a hundred a month to numerous thousands of dollars, groups lease rack spaces of one ¾ inch to 2 hundred rectangular feet.

On Monday, I toured Midcon’s latest, northwest Oklahoma City statistics middle, which was built in 2017.


Company president Kurt Kraft and commercial enterprise improvement officer Greg Blakely call the 8,000-rectangular-foot center a “bunker,” and it looks as plenty. Its concrete walls are 12 inches thick. And there’s a grounding ring circling the roof, in order that any lightning moves are channeled down a pipe and into the ground far away from the facts inside.

The bunker meets Federal Emergency Management Agency 361 construction standards to resist an instantaneous effect of an F5 twister, Blakely stated.

“But much more likely, it’s electricity outages and floods at their enterprise locations that impact maximum customers,” he stated. The bunker, he stated, serves as a backup, or co-vicinity, facility for the information.

“It might price agencies properly over $1 million to construct their very own facts facilities,” Blakely stated. “So, leasing area is a whole lot greater cost-efficient,” he stated. “Here, they can contract and amplify as they need to.”

Added Kraft, a business engineer who previously labored for Lucent Technologies, “As quickly as many businesses construct records centers, they turn out to be both too small or too large. Plus, it’s like building a pool at your house,” he stated, “It’s excellent, however, it won’t increase your resell price.”

I requested Kraft if “the cloud” eliminates the want for such information facilities.

“We are the cloud,“ Kraft stated. “The cloud is any pc not standing subsequent to the number one facts; there’s not anything magical approximately it,” he stated. “Google, Amazon, and others have statistics centers someplace, though they may not be in Oklahoma,” he said.

Midcon bunkers are a 20-minute power away for most clients, Kraft stated. The employer, he said, additionally gives business continuity facilities where displaced personnel can set up brief operations.

Eerily, coming into the bunker turned into like moving into a spaceship. There’s -degree security required at the main and inner doors, wherein employees and clients’ IT personnel have to swipe customized fobs and additionally press their thumbs for biometric identity.

Inside, Midcon conditions the electricity coming in from OG&E and gasoline tanks include oxygen inhibitors to envelope flames inside the event of an electrical hearth. Cables from numerous internet carriers input via a “meet me” nook space and snake through the ground level of the records corridor.

Data racks sit down a foot off the floor. And in an adjacent mechanical room, turbines with battery backup stand ready for emergencies and air conditioners pump cold air into the ground stage, at the same time as the warmth that the computers generate constantly is sucked lower back through vents in a drop ceiling.

In the out of doors, plant are condensers and backup diesel-operated turbines.

“If the bunker takes a direct hit, we will ‘turtle-up,’ or briefly near the doors and experience out the storm,” Kraft said.

“This is constructed to California-seismic degree, with a chronic concrete pour as one structure. So, the building can’t combat in opposition to itself and produce itself down.”

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