It turned into the photograph that captured the arena. Father and son hugging tightly, neck-to-neck, in a celebratory hug that melted hearts across the world.

Tiger Woods, 43, hugged his little boy, 10-12 months-antique Charlie, after Woods had received his first Masters after extra than a decade. It turned into his fifteenth Masters.

It become on the equal spot that Woods had hugged his father Earl 22 years ago while, in 1997, Woods received his first Masters at 21.

History changed into repeating itself, only this time, any other historic moment became underway. The Tiger had roared again. After 11 years of scandals, failure, fitness issues, a failed marriage, public ridicule, arrests and having the general public write him off, Woods became lower back.


The legendary icon all of us notion had disappeared into an abyss of oblivion had proved anyone wrong. It was the finest, maximum not likely and most implausible comeback within the records of comebacks.

The past 10 years had been the darkest for Woods, a legend whose downward spiral was witnessed and captured inside the full glare of the sector.

In 2009, it emerged that Woods become having several extramarital affairs, thrusting him into the limelight and making him an object of public ridicule.
He battled numerous health issues, which includes a lower back injury that noticed him go through 4 surgeries.


It was believed that Woods could never play again. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian newspaper, Woods changed into heartbroken; “That’s the hardest component for me. There is nothing I can look forward to, nothing I can build in the direction of. Where is the mild at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know.”

In 2017, Woods become located asleep on the wheel of his car and police arrested him for using beneath the impact. The mugshot was a pathetic sight to behold; Woods gave the impression of a former shadow of himself. Tired, haggard and about to give up on life.

Yet, he did now not give up.

He rose again. He spent days within the gym trying to get lower back in form and walked tens of kilometres to bolster his again.

Even when the relaxation of the arena had written him off and his friends such as Michael Jordan believed he might by no means return bodily once more, Woods bounced again.

When all and sundry didn’t trust in Woods he believed in himself. He worked with the singular purpose and belief that he would in the future come again and win again.

That he might be at the pinnacle of his recreation someday. And so he saved going. In those darkish moments when the world become now not watching, while he become alone within the gym or out for a walk, best one factor saved him going: hope.

And that’s what we can research from Woods. I am speakme to humans who’ve stared failure in the eye like him.


People who’ve hit rock bottom, individuals who cannot go lower than in which they’re currently.

People who’ve misplaced the whole lot. People who have been to hell and lower back. You who has been written off — like Woods became — and nobody, besides you, believes in you.

Life is hard, but with the by no means-say-die spirit of Tiger Woods, a ton of difficult work, religion and self-notion, you will rise once more. When you have lost the entirety and whilst you feel like you have got nothing to sit up for — like Woods felt — it is exactly while you should not surrender however inspire yourself, select your self up and cross again to the ring.

Woods waited eleven years to win once more. That is a darn long time. He teaches that a comeback takes time. But what subjects is not that second of the comeback that we saw a few days in the past, but that decade of sacrifice, excessive schooling and a never-deliver-up attitude.

For a man who went to rehab for sex addiction and dependancy to prescribed drugs, we learn that without a doubt, there is no challenge you can not pop out of, in case you are targeted in your recovery and on bouncing again.

So, to each person who’s in the trenches proper now, all of us going thru their decade inside the woods, hold in there.

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