Xbox One Firmware Update to Improve 4K Performance in Games

Ahead of the Crackdown three release date of February 15, Microsoft has released a brand new Xbox One firmware replace to improve 4K performance in video games. Targeted toward Xbox One X customers, this should make sure parity in games like Anthem which see the PS4 Pro pull beforehand in terms of a body charge. Hopefully, it ought to also result in higher performance in upcoming titles like Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, and Jump Force. Other fixes include stepped forward Cortana responsiveness, as well as ensuring the Avatar Editor and Microsoft Rewards app work as they need to when launched for the first time — dubbed as OS version – 10.Zero.17763.4085 (rs5_release_xbox_dev_ 1902.190131-1620), it should be to be had for download right now. Here’s the total list of fixes.


Added reliability fixes to Cortana.
I am unplugging a headset in the course of video playback now not effects in an audio loss earlier than video playback freezes.
I have made audio machine upgrades when switching from Home to a game or app.

Improved Cortana responsiveness to commands.

Fixed an issue that prompted a few consoles to crash abruptly.

Improved overall performance on the Home Dashboard.

Improved mouse responsiveness to lessen lag.
My games and apps

Improved the installation experience for various FastStart titles.
Fixed a hassle in some video games (e.G., Resident Evil zero) wherein cutscenes might fail, and the sport would lock.
Fixes a problem to make sure positive apps just like the Avatar Editor and Microsoft Rewards paintings on the first release.

Fixed an issue in which a few humans obtained the E203 errors while taking a device to replace.
Improved overall performance at the network port.
Improved performance and reliability at the store sports feature when games are suspended.
Improved pace and performance of My video games & apps.
I have improved the idle screen overall performance.
Improved 4K visual overall performance in games.
I have improved the performance of the manual on Home.

Made upgrades to the 4K video pipeline so that apps like Netflix display 4K content efficaciously.
The timing of this update is interesting as it follows reviews of terrible Xbox One X overall performance in upcoming video games like Anthem. According to reputed video game tech analysis website Digital Foundry, EA’s solution to The Division 2 and Destiny 2 is a ways from stellar at the Xbox One X. Odd thinking about Microsoft has tied up with EA to promote the game and Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has said that Anthem would play high-quality at the Xbox One X. Leading up to the Anthem launch date of February 22 (until you’re an EA Access or Origin Access or Origin Access Premier subscriber), there had been demos for the game.

While the primary demo was subject to a host of troubles starting from quests now not working as they should to limitless loading screens, the second one Anthem demo turned into lots more strong. Between them, Digital Foundry becomes capable of deciding how properly the game runs.

“Setting the console’s [PS4 Pro’s] video output mode to 1080p lowers the local rendering resolution to match, and walking unlocked, Anthem almost continually exceeds 35fps – frequently by using quite some margin. Out of all of the console iterations, this is the one I prefer most,” the record states.

“Yes, there may be a big drop in resolution and given the selection, I’d take a 30fps lock the usage of the overhead this mode gives (a choice that would genuinely benefit Anthem) however if your preference is among 20-30fps at 1800p or 35-50fps to 1080p, it’s a no-brainer – the sport simply works better at a higher body-fee even supposing it still doesn’t feel in particular easy or steady. The PS4 Pro’s complete HD output makes analyzing the most extreme firefights a lot less complicated: you get extra visible feedback and decrease latency.”

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