A blog operator must pay $29,000 to a real estate developer for “defamation”, a Chinese courtroom has dominated after alleging a building complicated had horrific strength.

Published on the WeChat social network in November, the textual content stated an office complex in Beijing introduced awful luck to its commercial enterprise tenants as it does now not recognize feng shui ideas.

Feng shui is a method and perception inherited from historical China that goals to maximize the energies of an area for the wellness, health, and success of this interior.

Although really in decline, it’s far nonetheless extensively used to determine the placement and format of buildings.


The “S Shenkunju S” weblog took purpose on the Wangjing Soho complicated within the north-east of Beijing – a collection of three homes that resemble massive rounded pebbles and owned by developer Soho China.

The article compared the structures to “pig’s kidneys” and expected the enterprise of companies interior will suffer a “Waterloo” – Napoleon’s navy’s crushing defeat in 1815.

According to the weblog, which referred to as on agencies to leave the premises, the proof that those “outlandish” buildings are generating bad strength is the economic difficulties of the firms based totally there.

The article changed into extensively shared online and garnered extra than 100,000 perspectives earlier than being takedown.


Lodging the grievance, the developer argued the publish had a harmful effect on its enterprise.

Beijing’s Chaoyang district courtroom on Wednesday agreed, ruling the feng shui “superstition” turned into used to defame the actual estate group. The organization in the back of the weblog became ordered to pay the developer 2 hundred,000 yuan ($29,000) and apologize publicly.

The constructing complicated become designed by using award-prevailing Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, who died in 2016.

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