When in 2013, we commenced our organization Fit & Glow Healthcare Pvt Ltd it becomes to work around our passion for health, well being and nature-inspired beauty products. We wanted to introduce to the purchasers a new idea of merchandise which contained the first-rate and the purest kinds of bio-actives and with none harsh chemicals and preservatives. We focussed on studies and I am happy with the reality that each product is driven by science.

We started out with fitness and well-being products beneath the emblem WOW Life Science and extended the idea of nature-primarily based merchandise to the beauty phase with WOW Skin Science range. So we had a first-rate set of studies-backed, natured-primarily based products made without any harmful chemical substances and preservatives, but we had to marketplace our products proper.


We thought of taking an extraordinary direction to sell our products than the same old fashion of putting in brick and mortar stores. Since our beyond revel in showed that the virtual medium becomes a nice manner to attain out to new era of customers – folks that are willing to attempt out new products and services.

Foraying into digital space

To sell our products, we leveraged the digital platform – e-trade portals – to attain out to a maximum number of customers no longer simply in India however in the US as properly. We realised that e-commerce becomes the following big thing in retailing and took gain of the recognition of this platform.

Going virtual also intended that we had been capable of attain out to customers in smaller towns and towns to promote our products without being bodily present there. Today, our merchandise are available on all popular e-trade portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra and Big Basket.

Making the maximum of social media

As a logo, we have got a completely ‘Customer First’ strategy. We are a completely sturdy feedback-pushed agency. Our product method, conceptualization, or even improvement are primarily based on what the clients are announcing and asking. At each step we paintings across the feedback on customer revel in. That is one awesome fee proposition.

That is why we decided no longer to take the same old advertising and marketing route, as a substitute focussed on social media as that was like selling the logo through phrase-of-mouth – the first-class type of logo merchandising there’s. We are properly aware that social media plays a key function in promoting a emblem today within the age of digital advertising. That is why it is important for us to leverage the social media. And we did that.

Moving far away from the conventional branding method, we used the energy of YouTube and Instagram to sell the brand’s nature-based totally, science-subsidized variety of products. The strategy became to spread attention via product movies. This has had the favored end result, as the influencers have noticed the variety and are speak to me approximately the goods of their channels. We are happy about the fact that the influencers have shared high-quality evaluations of our merchandise with their visitors who are our target audience.

We took this path due to the fact we wanted our customers to understand our emblem’s USP and the particular formulations earlier than they made a buying selection. That is why content advertising has played a primary role in our logo advertising strategy.

Celebrating achievement inside the market

This virtual first advertising and retailing strategy has worked nicely for the brand. Today we are one of the high-quality-promoting manufacturers on Amazon. In reality, we’re now hitting the brick and mortar shops with our products. Now that the purchasers are privy to our emblem and the efficacy of our products, we’re giving the clients the choice to touch and experience the products earlier than shopping for. Now you may discover us at Health & Glow and other splendor retail stores in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

In conclusion

We had been successful because we’re able to offer our clients innovative merchandise with unique elements at a lower priced fee. We have focussed as plenty on the formulations, as at the packaging to ensure maximum efficacy of the goods, keeping them infection free.

To keep tempo with the client shopping for the behavior we first reached out to them thru the digital medium. Only as soon as we leveraged the net area to popularise our merchandise did we think of moving to the brick-and-mortar retail area, and we’re ready to make our mark in that channel as well.

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