TORONTO, July 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) (“dynaCERT” or the “Company”) is thrilled to announce that it has officially released its new car telematics device software program (“HydraLytica™”) permitting easy get admission to to gas financial savings and carbon emission discount reviews from diesel-powered vehicles and machinery prepared with the Company’s HydraGEN™ Technology. Now the Company, its sellers, and clients which include truckers and fleet owners equipped with the HydraGEN™ Technology can effortlessly display from their computer systems a mechanically calculated financial savings of diesel and carbon emissions with HydraLytica™ up to date periodically while a truck is journeying.

HydraLytica™ reads statistics immediately from a truck’s on-board-diagnostic port (the “OBD port”) and communicates this fact to dynaCERT’s cloud server remotely via the Company’s patented Smart ECU which is integrated into the HydraGEN™ Technology unit on automobiles. At the time of activation of a HydraGEN™ Unit, the new software information, from the OBD data, the entire lifetime mileage and lifetime hours used and calculates fuel fed on. Once the HydraGEN™ Unit is operational, HydraLytica™ determines fuel consumption and distance traveled, and calculates gasoline financial savings and discounts of polluting emissions in kilograms of CO2 equal (“CO2e”).

The HydraLytica™ software program allows dynaCERT to provide documented evidence to the market of the effectiveness of the HydraGEN™ Technology as said. Since the data used and processed is taken from a vehicle’s OBD port, HydraLytica™ gets rid of any doubts because it does not rely upon any human interpretation which can probably be biased. With HydraLytica™, dynaCERT expects users will get hold of viewable and written confirmation direct from their diesel engines that its HydraGEN™ Technology is operating and feature peace of thoughts concerning overall performance.

HydraLytica™ software additionally enables a person to access telematics statistics from any vicinity geared up with a web connection. The HydraLytica™ software also definitely presentations ancient each day and weekly tour data after the HydraGEN™ Technology has been mounted on a car. HydraLytica™ constantly maps the routes and locations of vehicles, each in real time and traditionally, and displays while the car is shifting or desk-bound or while its ignition is off. The intuitive, user-friendly software program of HydraLytica™ lets in truckers and fleet owners to study the historical and current performance of their on-street and rancid-street automobiles.

HydraLytica™ was engineered by GTECH in association with dynaCERT. GTECH is a fleet control and engineering company placed in the extra Montreal vicinity (Canada) that has grown to become a transportation professional in telematics.

Jean-François Maheux, CEO of INGTECH, stated, “As we constantly attempt to assist agencies harness present day generation for more green, linked and clever fleet control approaches, our team of seasoned shipping specialists is thrilled to collaborate with dynaCERT in advancing the HydraLytica™ answer. Our sizeable software intelligence offers a custom designed method imparting dynaCERT the capability to measure a wide variety of operational overall performance metrics for its new HydraLytica™ technology.”

Also, dynaCERT’s dealers who have been the use of a Beta test version of this new generation are extremely joyful via the new development of a further income tool that can show price financial savings to fleet proprietors. Although the overall performance of the HydraGEN™ Technology has been examined several instances over the past three years through The PIT Group in Quebec (Canada), UOIT in Ontario (Canada), iCaT in India and TUV Nord and TUV Sud in Germany, the reliability and simplicity of displaying HydraLytica™ software program as a device to clients virtually demonstrates the benefits of HydraGEN™ Technology with a completely excessive diploma of conviction and verification by using cease users for their very own automobiles.

DynaCERT’s new HydraLytica™ software is complementary to the Company’s current MyHydraGEN™ Technology App which reports positive facts in actual time of its HydraGEN™ Technology to smart phones and capsules offering extra facts to customers regarding the functionality of HydraGEN™ Units mounted on cars.

Rui Mendes, Chief Technology Officer of KarbonKleen LLC, a Preferred Service Provider of dynaCERT, which lately issued to the Company a 100 unit order destined for Mexico (see Press Release dated July 2, 2019) stated, “The information analytics provided by way of dynaCERT’s HydraLytica™ software will offer gas savings and nice environmental impact facts empowering our Mexican customers with a real-time method to music towards their company goals and initiatives. The business intelligence displayed via the HydraLytica™ software program is formatted to visualize an asset-primarily based or fleet-based dashboard totally enabling ease of use and speedy adoption.”

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