Today, Barstool Sports posted a blog about University of Utah scholar Mackenzie Lueck, who have been missing when you consider that June 17. The post, which changed into tonally confounding and seemed below the headline “College Student Mackenzie Lueck, Fan Of Call Her Daddy And Proud Sugar Baby, Still Missing; Sorority Sisters Hopeful Due To Her Recent Instagram Activity,” was quietly deleted after police charged a suspect together with her homicide.

It’s doubtful why the thing, by Francis Ellis, existed inside the first region. Even although it changed into written while Lueck changed into still a lacking-man or woman case, her story regarded like an unwise premise for a lighthearted blog. Also, the jokes weren’t very good. Ellis changed into citing a New York Post article from this morning about how Lueck’s Instagram account has been energetic currently. Then he did a few investigating of his personal, which led to his discovery that Lueck becomes keen on considered one of Barstool’s podcasts. That revelation became supposed to be some form of the punchline. Okay!

The put up itself is now not on-line, however here are barely NSFW screenshots, through Tim Burke:

At a news convention these days, Salt Lake City police stated that they had charged a suspect in Lueck’s loss of life and also had reason to consider that her body turned into burned in an outdoor. Via ABC News:

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, is charged with annoying homicide, irritated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a frame, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown stated at an information convention on Friday.

Charred tissue has been recovered that incorporates DNA regular with samples located on Lueck’s property, Brown stated.

I asked Ellis in addition to Barstool editor-in-leader Keith Markovich if everybody besides the author had checked out the weblog earlier than it became posted. (Update: Ellis’s announcement is beneath.) Markovich did deliver a peek into the editing method if that’s what it can be called:

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