It has been some time for the reason that we saw a new entrant in the computer space, in India. That is about to alternate, with the arrival of the Avita brand, owned with the aid of the Taiwanese computer company Nexstgo. The Avita Liber series includes a 12.5-inch pc variety, a thirteen.3-inch pc range as well as laptops with the larger 14-inch presentations. The one which we’re reviewing right here is the Avita Liber thirteen.3-inch variation, with the model variety NS13A1IN012P. This is presently retailing in India for a fee tag of Rs sixty one,490. At this rate, it surely desires to have a few serious persona and performance on faucet. To be surely sincere, it more than provides on each standards.


The very first glance on the Avita Liber will tell you that this laptop is extreme about the design stakes. You should very well mistake this for one of the premium Zenbook laptops that Asus makes—and that is a excellent issue. The Avita Liber is exceedingly slender, measuring simply 5mm at its thinnest point. But that thickness is possibly just smart play on the spec sheet, because the computer is thicker wherein the ports are, however nonetheless stays very skinny. This has a instead compact footprint, and that makes it smooth to drop in a bag and convey anywhere with you. This weighs simply 1.35kg, which isn’t a lot extra than the top class ultrabooks from the yesteryears. In fact, Avita has focused significantly on how a computer is perhaps an extension of your persona as you bring it around. The Liber may be had in more than one shade alternatives—champagne gold, cloud silver, matte black, area gray in addition to the extra colourful Avita crimson, angel blue, shamrock green and sunrise orange. The aluminium chassis is properly prepare, and has a reassuring heft noticeable each time you pick out this up. That said, we observed that it isn’t entirely possible to open the lid of a closed computer with simply one hand, because the ridge in the chassis isn’t enough for the finger or thumb as a way to correctly increase the lid while not having to preserve down the keyboard deck with your different hand.

All stated and accomplished, the slimness of the Avita Liber NS13A is what you will possibly admire the maximum. And all this whilst there’s no scarcity of ports either. There are USB three.0 ports, a USB Type-C, a card slot and also doesn’t omit out at the 3.5mm headphone jack.

We quite favored how this display ticks off all the requirement boxes on the checklist. It is adequately vibrant, and also fights off reflections from the ambient lights pretty correctly. The contrasts is acceptable, and the colors appearance appropriate too with out searching too wealthy or diffused, either manner. This is not an extraordinary display by using any stretch of the imagination, but this is possibly its biggest strength—this does the process well, regardless of whether or not you’re working on a document, looking a film or studying a protracted shape at the net.

As someone who is very finicky about the keyboard format in laptops, I am extraordinarily delighted to record that the Avita Liber NS13A does extraordinarily nicely in this thing as well. It is a well-placed keyboard with simply the proper key length and gap between each key. Travel is simply enough too for brief typing with out useless travel that every so often hampers short typing. Unlike how a few other pc organizations have messed round with the keyboard layouts and made the entirety worse (as an instance, the arrow key size exchange that Lenovo has executed in some of its laptops), we feel the boffins at Avita’s layout and engineering crew decided that simplicity and conference had been the manner forward.

Under the hood, the Avita Liber NS13A runs an Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB strong state power (SSD). On the looks of it, that is a extra than good enough troika of specs for a laptop that you may probably use at domestic or in office. For the maximum component, this must have without a doubt no troubles with terrific easy overall performance even as you multi-undertaking. However, that is a low voltage processor at the end of all of it, and so one can have some boundaries in terms of ways lots you may push the overall performance—be careful about the number of Google Chrome tabs you depart open carelessly, and the whole overall performance ceiling will now not get in the way.

The advantage of this low voltage processor is the reality that battery life receives the largest improve. In most of usage situations, the Avita Liber NS13A lasted between 7 hours to 10 hours of backup time on a single rate. Whichever manner you have a look at it, that is pretty sturdy and simply provides to the power that this computer can offer as you tour considerably or shuttle between a couple of meetings. This approach you could even take into account taking this pc alongside and not carry the strength adapter too.

It is hard to absolutely choose out any deal-breaking faults with the Avita Liber NS13A. The price tag of around Rs 61,490 does imply you pay a bit of a top class over the mainstream laptops, but inside the good buy, you no longer best get a slimmer computer however additionally one that does considerably higher with the battery life. Plus, you really don’t find actually slim laptops for this rate, and they have a tendency to normally fee a lot more. Only the stumble in the interim could be the Avita logo doesn’t have recall value but, at least inside the Indian marketplace. But if you do take the soar of faith, we are sure you will come away inspired.

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