New information paradigms for Tech and I: Toward a greater ethical digital society

The lightning pace of technological change is riding diverse and profound social ameliorations. While getting entry to to records and communique technology (ICTs) creates many fine affordances, half of the world still does now not have internet get admission to. Access is choppy round the sector, with simply 25% of the population in Africa the […]

How to talk Silicon Valley: 53 vital tech-bro terms defined

For Californians of a certain tenure, Silicon Valley is a region – a real, geological valley nestled among two mountain levels and the marshy southern dregs of the San Francisco Bay. The titans of technology – Adobe, Alphabet, Apple, eBay, Facebook, HP, Intel, and Oracle – are all founded in the valley itself. But as […]

The Key to Defeating Big Tech? Tell Users How Much Their Data Is Worth

News that a number of the u. S .’s biggest tech titans will face extra antitrust scrutiny gave their shares a shellacking currently, reminding buyers that authorities and regulatory movements ought to be pinnacle-of-mind with these businesses and that investing in tech nowadays requires a discerning eye and nerves of metallic. In June, congressional lawmakers […]

How Technology Can Help in Personal Finance Management!

As personal money management is one of the most crucial factors of daily existence, the present day generation has supplied us with a variety of handy methods and solutions to live on the of personal finances. In this rush of the plethora of m-banking, budgeting answers, and funding apps, anyone from us is as a […]

How Do Tech Companies Make Money From Our Personal Data?

A Silicon Valley adage says, in case you’re now not buying it, you’re the product being bought. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer entrancing and addictive loose apps. These apps also do something else: They acquire statistics. They record what websites you visit, wherein you click on, who you swipe right on. This has fee, […]

Meet Roy de Souza, the tech entrepreneur who grew to become non-public disaster into struggle against cancer

For forty eight-12 months-old Roy de Souza, lifestyles turned into extremely good on both expert and personal fronts. Coming from a Goan own family of docs, that prized education, de Souza didn’t disappoint. He attained a grasp’s degree in Engineering from the University of Oxford and an MBA from Kellogg Business School. In 1999, he […]

Study: Tech equipment blur paintings and personal obligations, distracting employees

The apps and digital equipment that is supposed to assist employees in being extra productive have also emerged as distractions, blurring the road among paintings and private responsibilities, a brand new GoTo study confirmed. The 2,000 office personnel surveyed are “toggling among paintings and private subjects on any one of the hundreds of apps and […]

Deepak Chopra embraces tech in his non-public transformation adventure

It doesn’t take long in a conversation with Deepak Chopra (pictured), the pioneer in non-public transformation, to come upon a word he doesn’t like. He’ll thrust back in opposition to “alternative,” who prefer “integrative” as an alternative. Don’t say “control;” “focus” is far higher. But there’s one phrase the health practitioner and prolific author really […]

What now not to buy in July: Personal tech, school elements and indoor home equipment

Between Fourth-of-July getaways, pool events or new tech devices to decorate your home or private life, July is a month in which you’ll find your self faced with a long list of buying decisions. With lots of sales in July linked to Amazon’s Prime Day, it may be difficult to say no to buying. But […]

Google has quickly paused Android Q beta updates after a few Pixels bootlooped

Yesterday, Google released the fourth beta for Android Q, which was made available through OTA updates for Pixels and might have hinted at stepped forward face free up for future gadgets. Unfortunately, a few quantities of Pixel customers who downloaded and hooked up the Over-The-Air update has run into issues: their telephones “boot looped,” going […]