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Whenever I introduce myself as a meals technologist, the overall response is “Oh, so that your paintings at a resort?” It hurts to look that as Indians, coming from a land rich in soil and assets, we are ignorant approximately the potentialities of any such diverse area. My adventure in this area started out with a B.Tech direction in Food Technology that combines engineering with microbiology.

Being an especially new location, the majority joined the path looking ahead to it to be less complicated to pursue than other courses. However, we college students had our noses to the grindstone via semesters of merely mechanical subjects which include the concept of machines, warmth and mass transfer, refrigeration and cold chain, and unit operations in food processing. In addition to theory training, we had been given fingers-on revel in dealing with commercial machines along with fermentation tanks, orifice and venturi meters, ribbon blenders, spray driers and so forth. In a laboratory set-up. I selected to foremost in Food Process Equipment and Design. With this training, I was capable of layout an automatic multipurpose peeler which could peel spherical formed culmination and vegetables like apples and beetroot more efficiently, with much less wastage.

Despite providing a huge spectrum of possibilities, our instructors appeared rarely privy to the scope of food technology. Girls have been generally counseled to pursue exceptional warranty jobs which concerned begin-to-quit first-rate assessments of merchandise. On the opposite hand, boys have been advocated to pursue a profession in meals enterprise audits. Unlike the sphere of excellent guarantee, these jobs involve common tour and inconsistent timings and therefore seemed to be mistaken for women.


Nevertheless, engaging in audits of the meals industry become most attractive to me. To do it, one desires to preserve in par with the situation, the science behind every manner, and any new rules which can be drafted or released via the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is an area from which you’ll be able to without problems department out into specific sectors of the metals industry. It can expose one to all factors of its functioning, from farm to fork. Not buckling below the discouragement I acquired (humans informed me it become a tough area for women to attain achievement), I determined to pursue this profession direction after graduation.

It changed into at the same time as I changed into attending numerous job interviews that I stumbled upon the start-up enterprise called Grow Fit. The company is led by Vinay Bharadwaj, a neurosurgeon with an alternative take on the food enterprise. He recommends to his sufferers a ketogenic food regimen or the high fat-protein food plan for weight loss.
Where does food era suit in within all this? It gives us techniques to cope with the converting meals demands of society. The book Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development by using Beckley et. Al discusses the transition of human diets from the hunter-gatherer diets of our ancestors to the more famous keto weight-reduction plan of the modern-day instances with the assist of food generation. The food plan of hunter-gatherers turned into protein-fat wealthy and released energy slowly. But as generation superior, especially during the World Wars I and II, preserving food became easier and food industries grew to become in the direction of advertising storable carbohydrate-rich food to serve our instant pangs of starvation. But unlike food excessive in fat and proteins, an excessive-carb weight loss plan releases energy a good deal quicker, resulting in fluctuating energy stages via the day.

Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates is less complicated to maintain as there may be less scaling up the loss. Protein-fats meals are simply the other. Developing a product high in protein and low in carbohydrates might, therefore, contain the synergism of each science and era.

During my time at Grow Fit, we have been developing a new keto-weight loss plan product, a smoothie mix designed to aid weight loss. We introduced to our product chicory root extracts, also known as inulin, which functions as a prebiotic. But by using doing so, we observed inulin absorbed water and in flip decreased the shelf life of the product. We now had to layout a packaging that could make bigger its shelf lifestyles. We had to cater to each individual food aspect at the same time as keeping in thoughts certain questions: What are the systems, residences, and shelf-lives of the proteins and fats used? What is the most inexpensive and maximum efficient manner to manner it? Would the product require any packaging? Would the packaging react with the product? What FSSAI/CODEX guidelines could be wished?


For a start-up organization like Grow Fit, manufacturing a product that was excessive in proteins and fats, with an omega-6 and omega-3 ratio of 4:1, and sourcing extracts that function as carb-blockers or lessen insulin spikes changed into a big venture. We commenced out via formulating merchandise that had the least effect on sugar tiers inside the human frame. By accomplishing glucometer checks – a take a look at for sugar stages in blood – we were able to determine the right mixture of proteins and fats required to maintain hunger stages in taking a look at.

Since our merchandise are oriented closer to weight loss and for clients with specific necessities, we had to ensure that everyone the components go into every packet in a distinctive ratio. In this situation, the purpose becomes to make a healthful smoothie with the level of sweetness, color, consistency, and ratio of our useful elements being consistent in every bottle. The very last task changed into to broaden a flavor and texture appropriate to the purchasers by the usage of natural sweeteners and emulsifiers. To nail the proper stability, we performed rigorous rounds of olfactory node tests (that entails an digital nose like a tool to detect odors) and viscometric tests (that assist measure the consistency of a liquid the use of an instrument known as the viscometer). Once the research and development method of the product became tested and standardized, we commenced concentrating our efforts on upscaling or increasing manufacturing to a larger scale.

Development and manufacturing products such this smoothie require the talents of a trained food technologist. Ratios of ingredients are crucial in eating regimen protocols and these frequently get deviated while inside the palms of untrained experts. For instance, our high-fats product required a specialized grinder known as a cone-ball grinder which best a skilled character can handle. Similarly, a food technologist has excellent expertise approximately the one of a kind houses of meals and so can pair them up with mechanisms or strategies that reduce manual labor.

Whether whilst producing a ketogenic product or draft beer, it’s miles technology and technology that brings a product together. New meals product designs are constantly generated, but keeping the product exceptional consistent is a project. Take the case of Kombucha or tea mushroom, a diffusion of fermented, lightly bubbling sweetened black or green tea with intended fitness advantages. It is a 1000000000-greenback enterprise within the U.S.A. Kombucha has had gradual access within the Indian market because of the lack of technical expertise in producing a constant product without mildew growth or generation of higher doses of the deadly alcohol ‘methanol’ that gets fashioned through fermentation manner when produced in massive quantities.

From my enjoy, I trust the radical food begin-up subculture is an excellent beginning for a B.Tech Food Technology graduate because it facilitates one to find out their interests. It helped me get down and grimy with things like fermentation, new food product layout, sourcing or producing of novel components, food device designing or consultations to call some. The opportunities to analyze are endless and pretty interlinked much like the food internet.

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