While slender and light laptops are a long way from a brand new phenomenon in tech, slender and mild laptops with sufficient energy for heavy responsibility stuff like gaming and video modifying have not always been a choice.

Now although, the very high-quality ultrabooks you may purchase make smooth work of the hard stuff, all even as looking properly too. And who likes compromise, anyway?

We’ve tested five of the maximum popular ultrabooks in the marketplace, letting you understand what a hit is and what is a omit so that you realize in which to direct your hard-earned cash.
Acer Swift 5 (£649)


It is probably so light you would worry it’ll blow away in a breeze, but the Acer failed to maintain the Swift five featherweight via making it out of crepe paper. A smart aggregate of magnesium alloys method it really can take some hard and tumble, even supposing it all feels a bit extra plastic than top class steel. It’s also a stick-thin 15mm, so pretty lots perfect for carting round as opposed to being chained to a table.

Such a skinny machine still unearths room internal for hardware, with a Core i5 processor and 256GB SSD giving it a leg up over lesser ultraportables. There’s more than enough grunt for maximum computer duties, as long as you accept the Swift 5 will never be much of a video games device, and any heavy multitaskers might want to learn a chunk of persistence – there is most effective 8GB of RAM, and it only takes some beefy apps to fill it.


There’s been no skimping about the display, a 14in IPS panel with slender bezels and a near-one hundred eighty° hinge that may not go away you suffering for a terrific viewing perspective. Colour accuracy is decent enough, and a 1080p decision is right at the money. However it’s a little dim even once the brightness has been cranked to the max.

Start typing and you may spot some giveaways reminding you the Swift isn’t honestly a top class machine, with a chunk of flex inside the keyboard and a barely twitchy touchpad. Springy, backlit keys nevertheless get the activity accomplished although. At least leaving the charging brick at domestic is not a catastrophe, with extra than sufficient juice for a normal paintings day.

It would not quite sense as excessive-end because it seems then, but the Swift five continues to be a succesful, and more importantly, the extremely transportable computer at a tempting charge.

Where to buy Acer Swift five:
Tech specs

Acer Swift five in figures Display: 14in, 1920×1080 • Processor: Intel Core i5 • RAM: 8GB RAM • Storage: 250GB SSD • OS: Windows 10 • Dimensions: 329x228x14.9mm, 970g
Razer Blade 15in Advanced (£2880)

The Blade 15 Advanced is a piece of a head-scratcher. Exactly how has Razer managed to cram a lot of pinnacle-quit hardware into such a tiny shell? Gaming laptops simply don’t get any thinner without tanking body quotes inside the call of portability, and at 2.1kg, it’s far nevertheless nicely inside the light-weight territory.

Inside that subtly styled, matte black metal shell lies some resentful electricity, such as the cutting-edge 9th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU and an Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics chip. It will whiz thru pretty much any top-tier recreation, and may not break a sweat in case you hook up a VR headset, both. Even higher, everything has to look silky clean way to a 240Hz refresh fee display that provides frames faster than a hummingbird after necking a can of Red Bull.


At its great, the Blade grants a near-flawless gaming revel in, but it’d have been great to look Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive refresh fee tech on-board to hold things smooth while the cutting-edge titles are virtually thrashing the pix card. You’re stuck at Full HD, too: there is a 4K OLED improve alternative in case you want greater pixels, but meaning sacrificing the excessive refresh fee.

The Blade is well behaved for use on day by day, with lovers that don’t kick up like a storm whilst you’re scrolling via internet pages. Ports are ample, and the battery is right for about 5 hours of well-known tinkering, but the fancy lighting fixtures results from masks a keyboard that is handiest so-so. Each secret is exceptionally responsive, however with next to no tour for difficult typing.

There are some downers, that is a sour pill to swallow in a computer it is almost £3k, however in case you’re determined for cellular gaming grunt it really is off-the-scale right, the Blade is head and shoulders above the opposition.

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