The Delhi Police on Friday busted a network of thieves who bought laptops, stolen from desk-bound cars, on online resale web sites. The police additionally recovered 192 laptops from their warehouse at Nehru Place.

The police have arrested people, namely Pankhil Grover and Ishwer, for purchasing stolen laptops from thieves and promoting them to customers on line websites.

The gang changed into busted after a person filed a complaint about the their stolen pc. On June 5, Ishant Arora stated his lacking bag containing an Apple computer and charger, electricity financial institution, riding license, wallet, debit and credit cards, and different add-ons. He claimed that the bag was stolen from his automobile while it becomes parked at Krishna Market in Kalkaji.

Noting the upward push in such incidences within the area, a police crew turned into constituted below the supervision of ACP Govind Sharma, which becomes asked to nab the accused men and women.

The crew, the usage of CCTV footages from the beyond, monitored the criminals and analyzed the pattern of crime, which had similar modus operandi.

The police determined one of the stolen laptops being displayed on OLX. They noticed that most of the stolen Apple laptops had been offered on various online web sites like OLX and Quicker.

Police located that the commercial turned into posted from an office at Nehru Place.

To take keep of the accused, one of the team member from the police laid a trap by posing as a patron and contacting the seller over the smartphone to purchase a pc.

The team then apprehended the accused Ishwar with a stolen pc, who then took the police to Pankhil Grover’s keep at Nehru Place from wherein he had taken the computer to promote it also.

Pankhil Grover changed into arrested after the police raided his shop, placed on the 6th ground of Shakuntala building, Nehru Place. In an interrogation, the accused disclosed that they were strolling a shop at Nehru Place market and have been within the business of purchasing and promoting of old and used laptops. They similarly said that they have got purchased those stolen laptops from different dealers at Nehru Place Market. They identified two of those dealers as Bablu and Deepak

Pankhil Grover stated that Bablu and Deepak, along with their buddies, used to thieve laptops from parked automobiles via breaking their glass.

Grover additionally revealed that he and his partner used to shop for the stolen laptops from thieves at 10 percent price of the marketplace rate, which they bought to actual consumers at 60-80 percent marketplace fee charge. This manner, the purchaser became supplied the branded product at decrease fees.

Incidentally, the police on Friday additionally busted a member of Gulel Gang namely Saheb Ali.

Ali, who is suspected of breaking window glasses of vehicles the usage of gulel, was additionally arrested with a stolen laptop in his possession.

Around 22 cases of robbery were solved with the arrests of 3 accused.

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