Nine years ago the IAA India Chapter came up with the concept to create the Olive Crown Awards. Dr Rajendra Pachauri with his Nobel Prize had addressed the IAA and had spoken approximately global warming, flash floods, glacial melting, and the need to offer sun lighting to the ones bad Indians who could not be reached successfully with the aid of the conventional power grid.

And the IAA India Chapter become getting into a mode in which it commenced to talk approximately “What’s good is ideal for enterprise”. And additionally the need to mission the industry and its work in a higher mild.

And so the Olive Crowns had been born. Actually they had been nearly nevertheless-born. Many influential, well-that means people on our Mancom had assured me that sponsorship wouldn’t be a hassle. But it become. So we did not have any cash for the awards presentation event, despite the fact that entries had are available and judging had been finished.


That’s whilst we determined that we have been all one big satisfied industry. And the Goafest changed into forthcoming. Think about it. The right target audience to release a new Award. All infrastructure in location. And so we made formidable to talk to the AAAI. And Lynn D’Souza who changed into Chairperson of the Goafest  that 12 months and the Executive Committee of the AAAI easily agreed to give us the entirety we needed to launch the awards.

Kaushik Roy became the President and the awards have been launched in one of the hangars installation on the Oturda seaside for the Goafest.

The Olive Crowns have come a long manner on the grounds that. One element turned into very clean to the IAA. The motive the Olive Crowns were being held turned into to bring surroundings to the pinnacle of the strategic time table and salute the custodians of Brand Earth.

And so the awards are run as a reason. No access charge. No ticketed occasion. Just a party of what’s important to this enterprise. What is right on this enterprise. And what this industry is capable of doing for the world. Yes, that is one manner to reveal that conversation is a force for true.

While the Awards have grown of their gravitas, the occasion has been graced through every person from Union Ministers (Piyush Goyal, Maneka Gandhi and Praful Patel) to Bollywood icons (Amitabh Bachchan,  John Abraham, Suresh Oberoi), to enterprise leaders (Neeta Ambani, Kartikeya Sarabhai) to say some names.

Just closing 12 months Sadhguru spoke on the Olive Crown Awards feature and Shankar Mahadevan sang for the audience, as a labor of affection. More importantly our own enterprise, the entrepreneurs and Agency humans and media people make it a factor to be there at this occasion.

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