Windows Phone, later rebranded as Windows 10 Mobile, is officially over. The enterprise said it had shut down its hardware department in 2017 but it has now confirmed that software program and safety updates to existing gadgets will lead to December 2019.

Microsoft has even stated that “with the Windows 10 Mobile OS quit of support, we recommend that customers circulate to a supported Android or iOS device.”

So if the agency that makes Windows telephones is announcing you shouldn’t use them then you definately probably shouldn’t. Try these higher phones as an alternative. They even run all the Microsoft cellular apps – they’re now not one of a kind to Microsoft hardware.


The demise of Windows telephones is a actual disgrace and an ongoing saga within the cell international. Windows Phone and later Windows 10 Mobile become a promising working device. The home screen tile method changed into a super differentiator towards iOS and Android while the dark subject of the OS became ahead of its time.

But with an preliminary reluctance to proportion its first celebration software program with other running structures hampered its boom as developers left it in the back of in favour of the power and recognition of what Apple and Google have been offering.

Windows Phone fell into obscurity and now there’s slightly app assist for even the maximum famous social media apps with Instagram chickening out updates and assist quickly. Accessing the whole thing thru a cell browser isn’t extraordinary.

After December 2019 Windows 10 Mobile devices will paintings but “there will be no updates after that date (which includes security updates) and tool backup capability and different backend services may be phased out” in keeping with Microsoft.

In light of this we truly might not endorse the use of one as with out protection updates, app help or backup functions they are surprisingly compromised and hampered smartphones.

Below are the few Windows telephones we still think are clinging onto being legitimately usable. Just undergo in thoughts that the telephone on the top of the chart, the Lumia 950, came out way returned in 2015. Aside from the software issues, this is some growing old hardware too.

So here are the quality Windows telephones – even though you should get a better iOS or Android cellphone unless you really want to cling onto a death platform.

Best Windows telephones 2019

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