It has been a staple of cellular companies to provide exchange-ins for brand spanking new phones, and now Asus has added that model to PC Gamers with their new Trade Up Your Graphics application. With this new application, clients can improve to the contemporary and finest Nvidia playing cards greater affordably.

The software most effective applies to purchases of Asus brand photographs cards in the interim, but includes the ROG, TUF, Dual, Phoenix and Turbo families of playing cards. Customers who buy any of these playing cards can alternate-in an older pics card and get hold of a cash rebate upon approval of their declare.

The software lets in customers to change in any Nvidia GeForce card beginning from the GTX 650 upwards. Unfortunately for all you AMD proprietors, it appears best the Radeon RX 480 and RX 580 are eligible for this system in the mean time.

The pix cards are ranked in stages: Good, Better, and Best. These stages aren’t based at the physical situation of the cardboard but as a substitute the card’s chipset and are no matter brand. As one would possibly expect, the higher the tier, the extra the rebate.

For instance, a GTX 1080 Ti of any make, falls in the Best tier and can earn you as much as 270 pounds or approximately $340. The AMD playing cards fall in the Better class along with the GTX 980 and 980Ti which might internet you an approximate $133. Lower tier cards just like the GTX 650 and GTX 750Ti fall within the Good category and can earn you a tiny $44.

But don’t worry approximately guessing how plenty your card will internet you. There is a on hand calculator on the Asus Trade Up website that helps you to understand how a whole lot you could expect to get.
How it works

To use the Trade Up software, clients need simplest buy an Asus graphics card. Once that’s carried out, they have as much as 30 days from purchase to complete a declare which incorporates details like evidence of preceding purchase and their financial institution details.

Once the declare is obtained and validated, it’s far approved. Customers will get hold of an electronic mail of the approval, and a accessible postage label is likewise despatched via e-mail, making delivery a breeze. They then have up to 45 days in which to ship of their vintage snap shots card to Asus.

Asus will then of course test the old graphics card, and if it meets their widespread of approval, the rebate is despatched thru financial institution transfer. While the entire method may also take anywhere from 2 weeks to two months from begin to finish, it’s a simple enough technique.

A large upside to this system except the apparent rebate is that gamers no longer have the hassle of promoting an old pictures card on eBay or having it collect dust of their basement. Shrewd owners should possible get a better deal via selling it themselves but for everyone else, trading up makes terrific sense.

At the time of this writing, the promotion appears to be constrained to the U.K. However we anticipate this will develop to different areas in the near destiny.

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