CA Governor Wants Tech Companies to Pay People for Personal Data

“We understand that your statistics have feed and it belongs to you.” One For All Californians may quickly get a cut of the proceeds when tech giants like Facebook sell their statistics. Governor Gavin Newsom introduced his support for such an initiative all through his State of the State deal with on Tuesday, according to […]

Why You Should Consider Transgender Awareness Training In Your Workplace

I help put a face and correct statistics to a community that is too frequently only a hazy, disturbing idea to most of the people who simply want to type to everybody, It is perfectly felony to a hearth or no longer rent someone really because they’re gender numerous in 30 states With Donald Trump […]

Twitter has expanded its reporting gear to defend private facts

The social media platform is prioritising non-public protection Twitter has unveiled new reporting tools which make it easier for customers to focus on personal facts misuse on the web platform Now, when a person clicks thru to file a Tweet containing non-public facts, they will be taken to an additional menu that lets in them […]

Facebook vs. Apple

The social network’s “pivot to privateness” places iOS in its crosshairs. Welcome to tech’s subsequent huge competition. The large question after CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook’s “pivot to privacy” become whether or not the organization becomes without a doubt sincere about guarding users’ non-public facts. (The consensus amongst critics: possibly now not as serious as […]

Tech safety at Equifax become so diabolical, senators want to skip US laws making its incompetence unlawful

Now Homeland Security committee sticks the boot in Credit-rating screen Equifax omitted years of warnings and crimson flags before it turned into thoroughly ransacked in 2017 by using hackers, who made off with the non-public data of roughly one hundred fifty million Americans, Brits, and Canadians, consistent with any other congressional probe. An investigation [PDF] […]

Dozens of businesses leaked touchy facts way to misconfigured Box debts

Security researchers have discovered dozens of groups inadvertently leaking touchy corporate and client facts because a group of workers is sharing public links to documents in their Box organization garage bills that may be without difficulty determined. The discoveries had been made by using Adversis, a cybersecurity company, which determined predominant tech groups and corporate […]

Elizabeth Warren’s call to disband tech giants is a step in the proper route

Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren argued in a weblog put up on Friday that “it is time to interrupt up Amazon, Google, and Facebook.” The reason, she says, is due to the fact they have got become such massive monopolies that they may be stifling opposition from smaller startups and therefore impeding opportunities […]


FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND Google appear to take turns making the incorrect sorts of headlines. Last month it became Google’s turn. The employer changed into fined $57 million by way of a French regulatory organization, the primary time a massive Silicon Valley business enterprise has been penalized for violating the European Union’s new privacy regulations called […]

Would You Trade Gmail for This Personal Email Server? I Tried.

Can we stop large tech agencies from feasting on our records? Despite years of outcry from privacy advocates, lawmakers have carried out little to rein in Facebook and Google, which nowadays suck up greater statistics than ever. But there can be some other manner: Instead of waiting for legal privacy guidelines to seize up with […]

How to declutter and organise your personal tech in a few easy steps

Tech add-ons and digital statistics might not take in plenty of physical space, but they make contributions to frustration and anxiety. Here’s a way to maintain our e-junk at bay, Marie Kondo-fashion. By Brian X Chen With a brand new year and a new Netflix show that functions the Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo at […]